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About Me

Growing up in rural New Mexico, I was desperate to escape. Books were my way out of the suffocatingly closed-minded community around me. As I read my way through the local library in my teen years, I developed a fascination for all things French. Over the course of the next decade, I turned that passion into my profession.

I earned degrees in French literature and History from Tulane University, followed by a Master's Degree from the Sorbonne and finally an MPhil from Yale. After short stints in publishing and commercial translation, I finally embarked on my career as a literary translator in 2017. 

Today I live just outside Paris with my French husband and two bilingual boys, yearning, more often than not, for the New Mexican sunshine. 



Yale University

I left my PhD program at Yale (ABD) to pursue a career as a translator.


Paris IV-La Sorbonne

I earned a Master 1 and Master 2 in French literature from the Sorbonne, specializing in 19th-century literature and Balzac in particular. I published "Donner une voix aux femmes : Balzac et ses lectrices" in L'Année balzacienne 2008. 


Tulane University

I earned my BA from Tulane with a double major in French and History and a minor in Women's Studies. 

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